Reports & Analytics

Our global reports and analytics services set the standard in the event management industry. At Travencity International, we monitor and analyze global event trends for the latest insights in the industry. This will allow us improve our tactical decision making to enable us provide our clients with data driven management solutions that will deliver an exceptional event. With our data science solutions, we can guarantee you an event that will set the standard for your competition and the market.

Sell Tickets Globally

Regardless of where the target audience for you event is located, we will not just help you access them, we will also reach them and sell your tickets to them. Our marketing strategies are designed to be far-reaching and effective to ensure maximum exposure on a global scale. If you want a global connected network, we've got you covered.

Secured payment System

With the prevalence of cyber fraud, we understand how important it is to ensure the availability of safe and secure payment portals for transactions. That said, our platform is integrated with a solid and secure payment system to provide clients with a hacker-proof channel for making payments. So you can make transactions your with ease being rest assured that your money is safe and your details will not be compromised. Hassle Free Service.

Hassle Free Service

We are here to deal with everything you can not or do not want to regarding you event. Our services are designed to be as stress free as possible. We will handle everything as efficiently as possible only contacting you when we need your input on certain matters. Leave your event planning and management in our capable hands and free up your time for other important things.

Target Audience

We will not just pull crowds for you, we will pull the right type of crowd. No matter the type of event you are planning, be it a festival, marathon, community rally, concert, seminar or conference, we will find your target audience and promote your event to them. Our marketing campaigns combine but digital and traditional strategies to ensure that we can get across to the right set of people who are interested in what you are planning.

Marketing Support

Is your event not going as smoothly as planned? Are you having issues with promoting it? No worries. We gave an expert marketing team with great promotional tools to help you out. We will work in close cooperation with you to understand your requirements and expectations to enable us offer an effective and customized marketing support that will suit your needs.