You have to register to our website as first step. Secondly, you can choose and buy a ticket / register for a selected event.

You must directly contact event organizers to cancel a book. Please, note that not all tickets or books can be cancelled.

No, all tickets and registrations will be sent electronically to contribute to making saving trees and the environment. However, you can still print your ticket at your pace.

First of all, you must subscribe to one of our pricing list to create an event. We have high quality standards with our services, In case you are a travel agency or a similar entity that wants to enlist an event or a travel based activity on the website, we require you have ATOL and ABATA certificates or their equals if you are not based on the United Kingdom. We do not have specific basic requirements if you are a travel based products seller.

You will need to submit your item to be reviewed. This is because the travel shop is exclusively for a certain type of items only. After the approval process, the item can be listed and will become visible into the website.

Items available will be shipped as fast as possible. Please, contact the seller to find out when the item is going to be shipped or delivered.

The website currently operates in the entire Globe. In any case, the user has the chance to verify the destination regions directly from the website.

Yes, we concede 14 days based refunds.

Please, contact us using the official email address: You will receive the set of instructions that you should follow to properly obtain a refund.

We currently accept major credit cards and Paypal as valid methods of payment.