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International Camp in Malaysia - Summer Camp in Malaysia

Sat. 13 June 2020


Kuala Lumpur, N/A

GBP 10.00


Summer language camp Embassy English Junior is created specifically for kids and teenagers from
8 to 14 years old. Effective English Language learning program developed by the professionals
from Australia helps to significantly improve level of English for all the summer camp participants.
Learning process in the camp is a real adventure with its interactive and fun-tilled competitions and
creative assignments, and all that is in a very friendly international peer environment!


EMBASSY ENGLISH international summer camp is designed for one month and built in reality
show style. In addition to the process of learning English in the best language school of Malaysia
and exploring the main attractions of Malaysia, camp participants are taking part in the daily
contests, developing logic, creative thinking and teamwork. The winners receive daily prizes in the
form of "gold" (150 points), "silver" (100 points) and "bronze" (50 points) coins. Camp coins can
be exchanged, presented, accumulated or used to purchase variety of goods and services. However,
spending coins in the process is not that important. The main goal here is three super-prizes that will
be given to those who have greater number of unspent "coins" on hand at the end of the month-long

Ways to spend camp coins:

There are many options to spend earned "camp coins" , from a simple souvenir to a Ferrari ride in
Singapore, or flying around the Petronas Twin Towers in the 4-seater Cessna private plane. Full list
of prizes is given to each participant upon arrival.

Goals of the Program

• Improve English language skills;
• Improve leadership qualities in each participant with daily rounds of team-building activities;
• Develop logic and creative thinking in participants as a team and individually;
• Develop willpower and punctuality of participants;
• Explore Malaysia's beauty and its nature and thriving metropolitan cities;
• Visit the most technologically advanced city in the world — Singapore (additional option);
Spend a weekend on a beautiful tropical beach (additional option).
• To spend an unforgettable summer holiday

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