Who Are We?

Travencity International is an Event Travel Company that specialises in the fields of;

Concerts, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Student Exchange Programs, Festivals, Shopping fairs, Campaigns, Marathons, Community Rallies, Contests, Music Festivals, Gaming competitions, you name it! We organise them all.

Our Mission:

To help people find, explore, share, and attend those events which enrich their soul, fill their hearts with passion and develop an enthusiasm for their different areas of interest. Our mission is to bring the people sharing common interests and thoughts through life experiences to help them contribute to different fields of life and have a better understanding of each other. So that they can live their life to its fullest with proper zest and have the time of their life.

Why Choose Us?

Travencity international is the name of successful management and marketing services. We create and manage travel events for our clients with the perfect and suitable marketing strategy, promotion and event registration facilities. With our exceptional experience in the Event travel Industry and with a staff of highly talented people who work in a very passionate and dedicated way, we have just the right amount of knowledge and services that may help your event to stand out.

What we do?

Travencity’s way of work is very different and unique. We believe in supreme quality services for our customers due to which we have no compromise over the quality of management of various events. With our significant place in the Event Travel Industry, we market, promote, and register your event with a vision to provide one hundred percent outcome. Moreover, that is what which makes Travencity stand out.

Our Features:

Starting from TV and Live Shows, Business Conferences, and Seminars, Technology Workshops, Academic and Extra-curricular Activities, Religious Services, Health awareness campaigns, Fundraising Drives to Travelling Events and Vacations, we provide them with all. Our prime focus is to target and focus on the marketing and promotion of a variety of events. When you are working with Travencity international, you have nothing to worry about at all because you are in the hands of the most reliable and trustworthy people. We take proper care of your event, no matter what type of event it is, and make it sure that it proves to be a successful and memorable one.

Travencity’s Concept of Work:

We know that every event is different, as a result, we don’t intend to promote or market every event the same way. We target every event to the right audience. By doing so, we create an appreciable amount of traffic for the event.

Our Expertise:

The spheres in which we dominate the market of Event Travel Business are:

EVENT PROMOTIONS: The most important thing to do after creating an event is to promote it. No business can run successfully without promotion or advertising. Due to which Travencity International core aim is to develop and advertise the event to the right audience. We actually recruit for events.
Methods of promotion: Using appropriate and most suitable platforms for your event to be promoted and running simple and targeted campaigns with direct marketing strategy, we create quite an appreciable amount of traffic for our clients.

EVENT MARKETING: Event marketing is the perfect opportunity for brands to reach out to their consumers through direct interaction. With the events like contests, concerts, fairs, and parties, event marketing is a left-hand’s play as it develops an interest and curiosity in the mind of customers. The key to successful and effective event marketing is to target the right audience for the right event. The best & the most creative events create interactions that not only reflect positively on the brand’s reputation but also generate a buzz long after the event is over. That’s what Travencity is all about.

EVENT REGISTRATION: Once the event has created much traffic with the help of effective marketing strategy, there comes the process of event registration. Travencity International enables its clients not to worry about it at all. Because we create the right platform for the audience with the help of which they can quickly register and book for the particular event without any hassle.